Calls - Car Vehicle Caravan (O2/Vodafone/giffgaff/Sky Mobile) Mobile Signal Booster

Calls - Car Vehicle Caravan (O2/Vodafone/giffgaff/Sky Mobile) Mobile Signal Booster

Calls - 2000m2 (O2/Vodafone/giffgaff/Sky Mobile) Mobile Signal Booster

Calls - 2000m2 (O2/Vodafone/giffgaff/Sky Mobile) Mobile Signal Booster

4G LTE - 100m2 (EE/O2/Vodafone/Three) Mobile Signal Booster

4G LTE - 100m2 (EE/O2/Vodafone/Three) Mobile Signal Booster

Calls - Car Vehicle Caravan (O2/Vodafone/giffgaff/Sky Mobile) Mobile Signal Booster

In ukit boost all networks on:
It also boost Europe carrier networks
√ Instant Boost Signal up to 5 Bars
√ 1 Year Money Back Guarantee
√ 3 Year Warranty or Exchange Service
√ Free Shipping & Price Include VAT
√ CE & RoHS ISO Certified Booster
√ Full Kit Ready to Use & Easy Install
Global Signal Boosters

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It boost Calls signal on 900MHz frequency, the frequency used in UK used by mobile networks to deliver their mobile services: 2G (also known as GSM). It can boost all networks on O2, Vodafone, giffgaff, TalkTalk, Lyca Mobile, Lebara, Tesco, Talk and Sky Mobile for improving Voice Calls & Text signal. Check 900mhz frequency boosters boosted Europe carrier networks.

900MHz Mobile Boosters Boost Networks
Country Calls 4G/LTE
Ireland All /
Austria All /
Belgium All /
Bulgaria All /
Cyprus All /
Czech Republic All excl. exclude Ufon Vodafone
Denmark All /
Estonia All /
Finland All /
France All excl. Cellhire, Moxx, My Webspot, Travel Wifi /
Germany All /
Greece All /
Guernsey Sure Mobile /
Hungary All /
Iceland Siminn, Vodafone /
Italy All /
Jersey All /
Latvia All excl. Triatel /
Lithuania All /
Luxembourg Join, POST, Tango /
Malta MELITA, Vodafone /
Netherlands All T-Mobile
Norway All /
Poland All /
Portugal Lycamobile, MEO, NOS, Vodafone /
Romania All excl. Digi.Mobil /
San Marino All /
Slovakia All excl. SWAN (4ka) /
Slovenia All Telekom Slovenije
Spain All excl. Cellhire /
Sweden All excl. Three Comviq, Tele2, Telenor, Telia
Switzerland All /
* The means
1. 'All' - The boosters compatible with the country all carrier networks.
2. '/' - The boosters not compatible with the country any carrier networks.
3. 'All excl.' - The boosters compatible with the country all carrier networks, the excluded carrier networks not compatible.
4. 'Country' - Click the country links view boosters for each country carriers.

Clear Voice

No Miss Important Calls

Send/Receive SMS

SMS Text Messages Quickly

Signal Wider Coverage

Vehicle Signal Improved

Kit comes complete with everything you need to increase signal, one price includes all peripheral items needed for a complete installation: external aerial, cables, booster base unit, internal aerial, and power adapter and its easy install.


From Quick Start Guide , you can know which frequency band your phone work on. Once you know the frequency, you can choose the best signal booster.

Upgrade External Aerial

External fishtail aerial connects via 3 meter coax lead to the signal booster unit which is located inside the car. The aerial with Three magnets, its more stable.

car vehicle mobile phone signal booster external fishtail aerial with three magnets
car vehicle mobile phone signal booster external fishtail aerial


1. Convenient--- small beautiful appearance (cigarette box size), easy to carry, suitable for a variety of small space signal coverage.
2. Easy to use--- needs no complicated installation.
3. Open--- according to the external signal strength, automatic gain control ensure the signal.
4. Flexible---- can choose different power adapters, such as 220VAC adapter, mobile power, vehicle power adapter etc.
4. Low radiation--- a good signal coverage can reduce the radiation intensity of the mobile phone itself, effectively reduce the mobile phone radiation may harm the human body.
5. Environmental protection--- when you do not need to use the telephone or the Internet, can be removed at any time or unplug the power, elimination of radiation.

car vehicle mobile phone signal booster features 01
car vehicle mobile phone signal booster features

Application & Bands For Cars
Country United Kingdom
Boost All Networks On O2 (2G)
Vodafone (2G)
giffgaff (2G)
Lebara (2G)
Lyca Mobile (2G)
Sky Mobile (2G)
TalkMobile (2G)
TalkTalk (2G)
Tesco (2G)
Place to use Car, Vehicle
Users Supporting 10 Simultaneously
Band Single Band 8
Frequency 900MHz
Gain(dB) Uplink 45±2; Downlink 40±2
Up-link 890~915 MHz
Down-link 935~960 MHz
Export Power(Po) Uplink 10; Downlink 10
Voltage 12V DC
Kit Includes 1 x Car Signal Booster/Amplifier
1 x External Magnetic-Mount Aerial
1 x 12V DC Car Power Adapter
1 x Easy to Follow Installation Manual


how mobile signal booster work for vehicle


Receives signal
The powerful antenna reaches out to access a voice and 3G, 4G, and LTE data signal, and delivers it to the booster


Boosts signal
The booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and serves as a relay between your phone and the nearest cell tower.


Broadcasts signal
Your devices get increased cell reception, and calls and data are fed through the booster back to the network.

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